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Good Time Oldies 1060 WRHL and 102.3 The Coyote (WYOT) Contest Rules

1.  No purchase is necessary to win.

2. Contestants must live within a 150 mile radius of Rochelle, Illinois.

3. WRHL AM and WYOT FM contests are open only to listeners who have not won a prize or prizes valued at $100 or more from WRHL/WYOT in the last 30 days, and who have not won a prize or prizes valued at more than $1000 from WRHL/WYOT in the last 12 months.  No more than one qualifier per household will be allowed for the duration of this contest.  A “household” consist of individuals residing at the same address. Anyone who wins tickets, then does not claim them or pick them up is not able to win again for 6 months. Anyone caught selling tickets they have won can not win for a full year (12 months)

4. Each qualifier must be 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license or other official photo identification, in his or her name, at the time of winning any prize, and must present the same to WRHL/WYOT prior to claiming any prize.

5. Winners are responsible for all taxes associated with any prizes won in this or any other WRHL/WYOT contest.  WRHL/WYOT will provide the Grand Prize Winner with a W-4 from (when applicable) to be completed prior to receiving any prize valued at $500 or more.  WRHL/WYOT will provide winners of prizes (other than the Grand Prize) in this or any other contest valued at $600 (individually or collectively) or more with 1099 forms for income tax purposes. 

6. Employees and immediate families of Rochelle Broadcasting Company and its affiliates, and advertisers are ineligible to participate.  Employees of other radio/television broadcasting companies/activities in WRHL/WYOT listening area are not eligible to play or win in a contest.

7. WRHL/WYOT is not responsible for any mechanical, telephone problems or loss of service to contest number due to overload, busy signals, or any other reason that may prevent any individual from completing his or her call to the WRHL/WYOT contest/studio line.  All qualifiers are solely responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Grand Prize Event (when applicable).

8. By accepting a prize, a contestant represents that they did not have any proprietary company “choke” lines or numbers and that they personally made the winning prize call.  No person shall be entitled to any prize if it is discovered that her or she violated the contest rules in any manner. 

9. WRHL/WYOT has the sole right to initiate and end contest play.  The winning caller is always determined by the on air announcer.

10. Calls will be accepted on the WRHL/WYOT contest/studio lines only.  Calls to other phone numbers at the radio station are not eligible.

11. WRHL/WYOT reserved the right to substitute the grand prize (when applicable) state for another grand prize similar and/or of equal value.

12. Contest can be cancelled at any time without prior notice.

13. WRHL/WYOT and participating clients are excluded from any legal action resulting from any injury that may occur during the contest and/or use of prizes.

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